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Beta Reader Shirts!

Couple more pictures, as promised - this is the set of beta reader tees! Each lady picked her favorite line from the trilogy thus far and got it on a personalized shirt. And yes, your humble author made one for herself, too.  Anybody get the significance of the NYU flash drives?

What would your shirt say?



Live Interview at the International Miami Book Fair!

Solstice author

Posted by Jo Dibblee on Friday, November 18, 2016

I have so much to write about this weekend, but I'm excited to start with this live interview conducted by fellow award-winning author Jo Dibblee (www.frock-off.com) at the Miami Book Fair!  Thank you, Jo, for the opportunity, and thank YOU for watching!  Please spread this all over the place!

Blush Bridal!

I needed to have my formal dress hemmed for the Reader's Favorite book award ceremony in Miami (leaving Thursday!!! SQUEEEE!!!) and I had the good fortune of being referred to Blush Bridal for the service!

I'm telling *everyone* about this little hidden gem in Somersworth! The space is elegant yet inviting and relaxed, and Teri, the owner, is a warm, welcoming expert in her field. I want to get married to my husband again JUST so I can try on the gorgeous dresses in her lovely store and have her fix me up with that pretty bridal blush. Warning: if you don't like being pampered or being made to feel super special, this place isn't for you.

AND, her seamstress Giselle did an incredible job on my dress for a very reasonable price - you can't tell it was even touched.

So if you need anyone who needs formal alterations, this is your place!  

Or, if you or anyone you know is getting married and needs a full-service bridal salon, this is your place!

Lastly, I'm also excited to announce that Teri is carrying both Solstice and Equinox in her store for ladies to peruse while they are finding that perfect dress for their special day. I'm honored to hold a spot in this one of a kind boutique!

Blushing brides indeed....  :P

Blushing brides indeed....  :P


"Okay, Kim, how do I get there already!?" you ask.

394 High Street, Somersworth, NH, 03878, and the phone number is 603-343-4439.

On the web at www.blushbridalnh.com and FB at www.facebook.com/blushbridalnh

Check it out! You'll be so glad you did!

Chapter One, Supernova, 12.21.14

Here it is, folks. 

Interestingly enough, while I sit here finishing this off, fat, pristine flakes are indeed flurrying to the ground on this cold Solstice afternoon.  I love it when Fate takes a moment out of her busy schedule to let me know I'm following the right path. :)

As you know, I always have songs in my head for the scenes I'm writing, and for the first page of this book (yes, while the opening credits of the movie are rolling), it's Gary Numan's "Love, Hurt, Bleed." 

Humbly submitted for your enjoyment, dear readers, I give you Chapter One of Supernova.

Buon Natale, amici.




Sneak Peek of Chapter One of Supernova 12.21.14!!

No one knows more than you readers that the Winter Solstice is coming and alas, no Supernova.  December 21st had been my anticipated release date for Book III, but the arrival of my first child in June stopped that project right in its half-finished tracks. The last novel is coming in 2015, that I promise, but as the 21st approaches, I know this is of little solace to the folks waiting with bated breath for the final installment of Solana and Raine's story.

Looking back on the last year and a half, I can't begin to express my gratitude to you, the fans of my tale. You, who ask me repeatedly "Where the @%#% is the third book!?" You, who tell me "I give your book to EVERYONE!" "I've reread it over and over!" and "Damn, girl, good job!" You are the ones I write for, and you are the ones I'm grateful for.  Thank you for your enthusiasm, and thank you - most heartily - for your patience.

As a token of my thanks, I hope you'll accept a small gift.  On December 21st, in honor of this special day, I will be releasing a sneak peek preview of the first chapter of Book III, Supernova, right here on my website. It may change a bit during the final editing process, but the blood and bones are sure there, and I look forward to your feedback on this small glimpse into the epic finale.  Buon Natale, amici.