K. W. Keith

Award-winning author weaving a new, dramatic tale of erotic romance

Yes!! No!! Yes!!

It's done.

After eighteen years of these characters living in my head, they've now been released into the world, to you, and I have two words for this moment.

Holy. Shit. 

Sure, I thought I'd be nervous, but this is an emotion of a different caliber. This must be how mothers and fathers feel when they send their little one off to school on that first day. Nail-biting anxiety - what's going to happen? Stomach-churning terror - what if she doesn't make any friends?

My baby's been sent off into society without supervision!  YES!! ... NO!!  :)

Solstice released on paperback Tuesday to overwhelming energy and enthusiasm. Out of the hundreds of thousands of titles on Amazon, the paperback is ranked 21,701 in books. That's. Effing. Crazy. The Kindle version released on Thursday night, and within 24 hours I had 14 downloads and 1 borrow. It's ranked at 17,218.

I'm floored.

I'm not in this for money. I'm in this for the story. I want the world to know these characters, to love them as much as I do, and I am humbled and thrilled thus far. I wrote this story for you, and I cannot wait for your feedback, for your reviews, and for our future. Go, baby, go!