K. W. Keith

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Warning Label for Solstice

Based on some recent comments I have received regarding Solstice - Book I of the Alessandra Legacy Trilogy, I feel compelled to issue the following public service announcement: 

Readers of Solstice have exhibited extreme cases of exhaustion and drowsiness while attempting to live their lives after an evening reading the book.  Irritability has also been reported as readers comment they wish to do nothing else other than read Solstice, with comments such as "I love this book," "I can't put it down," and "Where the [expletive] is Book II" being the top trends amongst responders. Significant others of readers of Solstice should be advised that a marked increase in demands of affection have been attributed to the devouring of the novel.  

Should you or someone you care about be similarly afflicted by the reading of Solstice, please proceed posthaste to the Amazon.com website to leave a review reporting your symptoms in as much detail as you wish.

Keep Calm, and Carry On.