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Sneak Peek of Chapter One of Supernova 12.21.14!!

No one knows more than you readers that the Winter Solstice is coming and alas, no Supernova.  December 21st had been my anticipated release date for Book III, but the arrival of my first child in June stopped that project right in its half-finished tracks. The last novel is coming in 2015, that I promise, but as the 21st approaches, I know this is of little solace to the folks waiting with bated breath for the final installment of Solana and Raine's story.

Looking back on the last year and a half, I can't begin to express my gratitude to you, the fans of my tale. You, who ask me repeatedly "Where the @%#% is the third book!?" You, who tell me "I give your book to EVERYONE!" "I've reread it over and over!" and "Damn, girl, good job!" You are the ones I write for, and you are the ones I'm grateful for.  Thank you for your enthusiasm, and thank you - most heartily - for your patience.

As a token of my thanks, I hope you'll accept a small gift.  On December 21st, in honor of this special day, I will be releasing a sneak peek preview of the first chapter of Book III, Supernova, right here on my website. It may change a bit during the final editing process, but the blood and bones are sure there, and I look forward to your feedback on this small glimpse into the epic finale.  Buon Natale, amici.