K. W. Keith

Award-winning author weaving a new, dramatic tale of erotic romance

Chapter One, Supernova, 12.21.14

Here it is, folks. 

Interestingly enough, while I sit here finishing this off, fat, pristine flakes are indeed flurrying to the ground on this cold Solstice afternoon.  I love it when Fate takes a moment out of her busy schedule to let me know I'm following the right path. :)

As you know, I always have songs in my head for the scenes I'm writing, and for the first page of this book (yes, while the opening credits of the movie are rolling), it's Gary Numan's "Love, Hurt, Bleed." 

Humbly submitted for your enjoyment, dear readers, I give you Chapter One of Supernova.

Buon Natale, amici.