K. W. Keith

Award-winning author weaving a new, dramatic tale of erotic romance

Where the &%$& did the last three months go???

I had no idea time could fly so fast.

Our sweet baby boy was born on June 26th, and life has been a blur ever since.  I guess overwhelming happiness, broiling frustration, and explosive poop can do that to you.  He is such a joy... I never knew I could love another being this much.

But I can tell you this.

Even though I've been unforgivably silent on this blog, even though writing is absolutely impossible for me to accomplish right now, my thoughts center around two things and two things only - caring for my lil man... and Book Three.

Sometimes simultaneously.

Like when I'm nursing him at 4:00 a.m., gazing out through the open windows of the nursery to the woods in predawn twilight.... the susurrus of the wind through the leaves of the trees sounding like the ocean... like a beach... a beach on St. John... Solana waking to find herself alone in Raine's bed after a night of passion...

Solana and Raine...


The urge to write is there - oh that I can promise you.  

But even as I write this, Sir Squawks A Lot calls.  :)  

Alas, this is all I can get down right now, but rest assured - your author's thoughts are ablaze.