K. W. Keith

Award-winning author weaving a new, dramatic tale of erotic romance

Good music makes you feel.

So much of the human experience is conveyed and understood through music. Although mere minutes in length, a song transports you into another life, someone else's story, yet this protagonist you've never met seems to have intimate knowledge of your own life. However brief the composition, we live the words, we feel the notes, and the emotions evoked by both have the power to overwhelm us. Whether it's the galvanizing rush from Mumford and Sons' "Below My Feet," hopeful tears throughout the entire second movement of Dvorak's "New World Symphony," or imperative dancing commanded by those first beats of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," people connect through music across time, culture, and circumstance. Whole worlds exist in small measures, bringing all forms of pathos along with it - whether we're ready to listen or not.

In my short life I've found nothing so profoundly moving as music, and I couldn't imagine telling this story without it.

I humbly submit to you the complete soundtrack of all songs specifically mentioned in Solstice, plus the ones that play in my head elsewhere in the novel. Here you'll find a master list detailing each song and its location in the book, along with an official iTunes playlist where I invite you to preview each gem firsthand.

Happy listening!

The Times:
Happy Dreamer, Laid Back

First Sight:
Over There, Sounds from the Ground

Dawn Investigation:
Slate Grey, Sounds from the Ground

The Prowling:
Inertia Creeps, Massive Attack

The R8:
Contract with the Devil, Cookie Monsta *

The Tramonto:
Riot!, Cookie Monsta

Le Chaise:
Angel, Massive Attack

Space, Bond

The Jeep:
Minor Thing, The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sensual Twilight:
The Very Thought of You, Billie Holiday

The July Tree, Nina Simone

Sympathique, Pink Martini

Solid as a Rock, Ella Fitzgerald
A Kiss to Build a Dream On, Louis Armstrong

Dancing with the Devil:
Between Mind and Heart, Enigma

The Nest of White:
Makambo, Geoffrey Oryema

Solana's Door:
Allsorts, Sounds from the Ground

Raine's Gift:
In Her Eyes, Joshua Radin

The End:
Millionaire, Slaid Cleaves


* Cookie Monsta's "Contract with the Devil" is missing from this playlist because, unfortunately, it's not available on iTunes. Or anywhere else for that matter. But don't despair - you can experience this epic bit of dubstep here:  Cookie Monsta - Contract with the Devil. (Oh YouTube, how I love thee.)